Hi, I’m Windy, a UX/UI designer in Washington, D.C. I am focused on service impact design that provides meaningful experiences and connects people to their communities. 

I found myself in the UX space after studying textiles and theatrical design in undergrad. As a costume designer I spent my time researching characters and their motivations with deep dives into the script and conversations with actors and directors. I made storyboards to follow their arcs and growth, and made more mood boards than I can count. Once I had the character figured out, I chose the right colors, textures, and shapes to suit them, and made any technical adjustments based on how the actor needed to move and function throughout the show, how they needed to be lighted, and any other technical requirements or restrictions from the team.

That process is incredibly similar to the one I use for digital product design. A good costume, like good UX and UI, can make all the difference. Both require an incredible amount of empathy and won’t work without being truly human-centered. I’m used to designing for humans, for bodies, and I never forget the end user.